Author: Author: Saunin Viktor Nikolaevich, Telegin Sergey Vladimirovich, Kovalkova Valentina Petrovna

Institute: State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Siberian State Aerospace University named after Academician M.F. Reshetnev” (SibGAU)

Coatings made of quasi-crystalline alloy of the Al-Cu-Fe system represent an innovative solution in the field of surface treatment of materials. They are characterized by high strength, corrosion resistance and a wide range of applications.

An important advantage of quasi-crystalline alloy coatings is their unique structure. Quasi-crystalline materials form stable atomic patterns that differ from a regular crystal lattice. This ensures a high density of atoms and improved mechanical properties of the coating, such as hardness, wear resistance and shape stability.

The invention relates to methods for producing quasi-crystalline materials, the method includes layer-by-layer spraying of molten particles onto the surface of the part, which are heated in a plasma jet shielded by the supply of pyrophoric process gas into the spraying spot. The coating is sprayed from a powder, the initial mixture of which is taken at a ratio of aluminum, copper and iron corresponding to the region of existence of the quasi-crystalline phase of the Al-Cu-Fe alloy, by heating it to the melting point in an inert atmosphere. In this case, the surface of the part is cooled with a coolant, and the temperature in the spray spot is maintained in the range of 650-750 ° C.

The main applications of quasi-crystalline alloy coatings of the Al-Cu-Fe system include mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and electronics. They can be used to improve the wear resistance of engine parts, increase the efficiency of solar panels, create protective coatings against corrosion and much more.

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