Our Technology for quasicrystals has unlimited scalability.

We are the only company with a scalable technology for industrial synthesis of quasicrystals. Our company provides stable supplies of large volumes all over the world.

Quasicrystals are unique structures with special properties that distinguish them from ordinary crystalline materials. They are complex atomic structures that do not have periodic symmetry. The production of quasicrystals is one of the most complex artificial processes in industry.

The process of obtaining quasicrystals begins with the selection of starting materials. Metals such as aluminum, nickel, iron or their alloys are usually used for this purpose. In addition to the basic metal components, various elements such as manganese, copper or zirconium can be added to obtain the desired properties of the quasicrystal.

Additionally, we create industry-safe technologies for their use in various materials.

Industrial obtaining of quasicrystals is a complex and time–consuming process that requires highly qualified and experienced specialists. However, these unique structures provide new opportunities for application in various fields, including electronics, processing of materials and many others.

The industrial production of quasicrystals has significantly reduced their price and made their use economically feasible in many industries.

Currently, quasicrystals are one of the most exciting topics among scientists. Their unique structural features and properties have attracted the attention of researchers and caused a wide range of discussions and disputes.

The study of quasicrystals is a multifaceted research process that requires close interaction between various scientific disciplines and the collective efforts of researchers. However, these studies significantly expand our knowledge of the structure of materials, and may also have important practical applications in the future.

The R&D team has unique equipment and experience for the development and testing of products made of metal alloys, plastics, coatings, composites and elastomers, forming a prototyping center of industrial materials which are reinforced with quasicrystals.

We can conduct any research by examining your characteristics and current needs, determining the real effects of using quasicrystals in your production.

We promote research and development aimed at using nanotubes and provide free samples of quasicrystals to scientists around the world.

In science, quasicrystals are an object of interest in various fields of research. They are studied in materials science, physics, chemistry and crystallography. In particular, research in the field of quasicrystals helps to understand the structure and properties of crystalline materials, as well as contribute to the development of new materials with certain physical properties.

Quasicrystals are unique formations with great potential in scientific research and technological developments. They continue to be a subject of study and interest for scientists and engineers around the world.

Our independent and corporate research support program allows you to receive a free trial batch of quasicrystalline material. Our goal is to develop the scientific base of quasicrystals and we look forward to your contribution to this great and significant work and really appreciate it!

The R&D team has unique equipment and experience for developing and testing products in metal alloys, plastics, coatings, composites, and elastomers, forming a center for prototyping industrial materials enhanced with Quasicrystals.

We can perform any research by examining your specifics and current needs, identifying the real effects of using Quasicrystals in your production.

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Why are we a reliable partner?

Unique technology

An innovative method for the synthesis of quasicrystalline materials.

Unlimited scale

Unlimited production scalability, high quality of the material and low cost price

scientific base

We have an international team of the best scientists working with us.


We provide demo samples of the material and an online platform for comm


Applications Of Quasicrystals

Quasicrystals are a unique class of materials with symmetry that differs from the classical symmetry of crystals. These substances have become the object of study for many scientific disciplines and have found wide application in various fields.

Nowadays new high-strength aluminum alloys are developed, they are reinforced with nanodisperse particles of quasicrystals to increase temperatures and technology for their production. The technology of applying quasicrystalline coatings has also been developed and it can be applied in various branches of technology to create thermal barriers, protective coatings, and coatings on the tools which improve their properties.

Quasicrystals make it possible to create new materials that are much more efficient than existing ones. Especially when interacting with each other, these metal alloys, improved batteries, polymers, rubbers, coatings and other materials can change the face of entire industries, increasing the durability of parts and power supplies, improving various quality indicators.

So, the use of quasicrystals stands at the forefront of modern technologies. These materials open up unlimited possibilities in various industries, from construction and transport to energy and medicine. Constant research and development in this area allows us to realize the potential that quasicrystals can bring in the future.

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