Change scientific paradigms together with a community of researchers dedicated to the study of quasicrystalline materials. We are at the beginning of a long journey of incredible scientific discoveries that can change the world. Quasicrystals show incredible results in the creation of new materials and each study brings us closer to understanding their properties.

Our company supports researchers by providing free materials for study. The data obtained as a result of your work will add to our knowledge base and help other researchers and manufacturers in their work!

Free materials

You can submit a request and our company will provide you with a quasi-crystalline material for your research.



You will be able to communicate and share your experience online with other researchers or business representatives.



In exchange for free materials, we will expect the results of your research, which will replenish our knowledge base.



We will help you develop and launch new products based on the results of your research.


Joint creation of innovations

By combining independent researchers, scientific teams and businesses, we will be able to create amazing products and make outstanding scientific discoveries!


How to start working with us?

Just leave a request, tell us about yourself and your work. We will contact you and offer you a personal cooperation plan. You will get all the necessary materials, access to communication with the community and a knowledge base.

leave a request

Fill out the application form on our website

Get the materials

We will send you the amount of quasicrystalline material necessary for the study.

Tell us about yourself

Share information about your product or research.

Share your experience

Publish the results of your work on our website and share your experience with the community.

Let's get started

Would you like to join the program ?

Fill out the form, tell us where you work and what research tasks you have? How can we help you with your work and how much quasicrystalline material do you need?

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