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Research and Integration of quasicrystal technologies

Al-Cu-Fe is a leading company in the industry with a scalable technology for the industrial synthesis of quasi-crystalline materials. We specialize in creating high-quality and innovative materials with unique physical, chemical and mechanical properties.

We is the world’s largest producer of graphene quasicrystalline materials. In addition to the synthesis of quasicrystals, we create industry-friendly technologies for their use in various materials. We carry out a lot of research work, we unite and support researchers from all over the world.

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  • Proprietary Technologies
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About us

What do we do?

We are a leading company dedicated to the research and integration of innovative quasicrystal technologies into the production of new materials. Our goal is to develop and establish our own production facilities, as well as to develop a research base to ensure continuous progress in this field. We offer a wide range of quasi-crystalline materials, including alloys based on aluminum, copper and iron. The main advantage of our company is the use of exclusive technology, which guarantees high accuracy and repeatability in the production of materials. Thus, we can provide our customers with reliable and stable raw materials necessary for the successful development of their production.
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Do you want to start a cooperation?

We are glad to welcome researchers developing research on quasicrystals and partners who are interested in our products and services!

Al-Cu-Fe is your reliable partner in the field of quasi-crystalline materials. Contact us to get high-quality materials that will meet all your needs and requirements.


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