Author: Ekimov E. A., Ivanov A. S., Pal A. F., Ryabinkin A. N., Serov A. O., Starostin A. N.

Institute: Aktsionernoe obshchestvo “Gosudarstvennyj nauchnyj tsentr Rossijskoj Federatsii Troitskij institut innovatsionnykh i termoyadernykh issledovanij AO “GNTS RF TRINITI”

Composite materials based on the quasi-crystalline Al-Cu–Fe system are innovative materials that have unique physical and chemical properties. They combine the advantages of quasicrystals, aluminum, copper and iron, which makes them promising for a wide range of applications, ranging from industrial production to electronics and nanotechnology.

The invention relates to powder technologies for the production of solid bulk composite materials based on quasicrystals. A composite material based on a quasi-crystalline powder of the Al-Cu-Fe system contains a nickel binder in the form of a uniform reinforcing nickel mesh with a nickel content in the composite not exceeding 3 wt.%.

One of the key aspects of the development of composite materials based on the quasi-crystalline Al-Cu-Fe system is their production.

The method for producing a composite material includes applying a nickel coating to the particles of the Al-CuFe quasi-crystal powder, pressing the nickel-coated powder at a pressure of more than 1.5 GPa and annealing the compressed powder at a pressure of less than 100 MPa in a reducing or inert atmosphere or in a vacuum at a temperature not exceeding 850 K. The invention is aimed at obtaining volumetric full-dense composite quasi-crystalline materials with high mechanical properties, reduced coefficient of friction and increased resistance to mechanical wear.

Work in the field of composite materials development based on the quasi-crystalline Al-Cu-Fe system opens up the potential for creating new materials with unique properties. This creates opportunities for the use of these materials in many fields, ranging from construction and aviation to medicine and energy. A more thorough study of the processes of obtaining and properties of composite materials based on the quasi-crystalline Al-Cu-Fe system is an important step towards the development and application of these materials in industry and scientific research.

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