Author: Golovkova E.A., Tsetlin M.B., Teplov A.A., Belousov S.I., Krasheninnikov S.V., Chvalun S.N., Golubev E.K.

Institute:National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”

The influence of the quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe filler on the tribological properties of a composite based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and their copolymer is a subject of interest for many researchers in the field of materials science. The tribological properties of composites, including wear and friction reduction, play an important role in many industrial applications such as automotive and aerospace.

UHMWMP, PTFE and their copolymers are well known for their high mechanical and chemical properties. They have excellent wear resistance, resistance to high temperatures and chemical agents, and a low coefficient of friction. However, some applications require further improvement of their tribological properties.

The use of quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe filler is one of the ways to improve the tribological properties of these composite materials. Quasicrystalline structures have special mechanical and tribological properties, such as low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance and chemical stability. Their addition to composites based on UHMWMP, PTFE and their copolymer can significantly improve their tribological performance.

During the experiments, the effect of different concentrations of quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe filler on the tribological properties of composites was studied. The performance of the composites has been assessed using a variety of methods, including friction and wear tests and microstructure analysis.

The research results showed that the addition of a quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe filler helps to reduce the coefficient of friction and wear of composites based on UHMWMP, PTFE and their copolymer. Higher filler concentrations lead to greater improvements in the tribological properties of materials. In addition, microstructural analysis showed that the introduction of a quasicrystalline filler contributes to the formation of a smoother and more resistant composite surface, which further reduces friction and wear.

Thus, the quasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe filler has a significant effect on the tribological properties of composites based on UHMWMP, PTFE and their copolymer. Its addition to such composites leads to a decrease in the coefficient of friction and wear, as well as an improvement in mechanical properties. These results open up new prospects for the use of these composite materials in industry.

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