Author: Kang, Nan; Zhang, Yuan; El Mansori, Mohamed; Lin, Xin

Institute: Institute of Technology of Arts and Métier, MSMP, HESAM University, F-51006, Chalons-en-Champagne, France; State Key Laboratory of Crystallization, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710072, China; Key Laboratory of High-Efficiency Metal Additive Manufacturing and Innovative Design, MIIT, China, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi’an, 710072, China; Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, Manufacturing Systems Institute, College Station, 77843, USA

Laser powder fusion of a new high-strength quasicrystalline Al–Fe–Cu reinforced Al matrix composite is an advanced process that integrates modern technology and materials science. This method allows you to create a material that is highly durable and resistant to various influences.

Using high-energy laser beams, powder fusion microscopically melts Al–Fe–Cu quasicrystalline phase powder and absorbs it into the aluminum matrix structure. This reinforcement creates a reinforced composite with additional strength and resistance to mechanical stress.

The use of quasicrystalline reinforcement in Al-Fe-Cu composite improves its strength properties such as hardness, fatigue strength and abrasion resistance. The quasicrystalline phase, which has special crystalline structures, provides additional contact points to distribute load and hold atoms in the matrix, which allows for increased bonding between particles and increases the strength of the composite.

In addition, the use of laser powder melting allows for a high degree of precision and control over the process. It provides the ability to create complex shapes and geometries, as well as uniform distribution of reinforcement in the matrix, which improves the quality and efficiency of the resulting material.

The application of the new high-strength quasicrystalline Al–Fe–Cu reinforced Al matrix composite opens up broad prospects in various fields including aviation, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and shipbuilding. Its unique strength properties and high degree of control during the manufacturing process make it an excellent choice for demanding applications where reliability and performance of the material are required.

Laser powder fusion of a new high-strength quasicrystalline Al–Fe–Cu reinforced Al matrix composite is an innovative and promising method to create a material that combines high strength, stability and control, opening up new possibilities and prospects for various industries.

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