Author: Chukov D. I., Stepashkin A. A., Cherdyntsev V. V., Kaloshkin S. D., Maksimkin A. V., Nyaza K. V., Mostovaya K. S.

Institute: Federalnoe gosudarstvennoe avtonomnoe obrazovatelnoe uchrezhdenie vysshego obrazovaniya “Natsionalnyj issledovatelskij tekhnologicheskij universitet “MISiS”

The polymer-quasi-crystalline powder composition is an innovative solution for obtaining high-quality anti-corrosion protective coatings. The invention relates to polymer matrix composite materials and is a powder composite material based on polysulfone filled with dispersed particles of quasi-crystals of Al-Cu-Fe or Al-Cu-Cr systems with a degree of filling up to 20 wt. %.

This unique composition has a number of advantages that make it an ideal choice for various applications. Firstly, due to a special structural device, the polymer-quasi-crystalline powder composition provides high adhesion to the surface on which the coating is applied. This provides excellent resistance to mechanical stress and improves the durability of the coating.

Secondly, this composition has excellent anti-corrosion properties. It protects the metal surface from moisture, aggressive chemicals and other external factors that can lead to corrosion. Due to this, the polymer-quasi-crystalline powder composition is a reliable means of protecting metal structures, metal furniture, car bodies and other surfaces requiring long-term corrosion protection.

Thirdly, this composition has excellent solubility and is easily applied to the surface by electrostatic spraying. Due to this, coatings obtained using a polymer-quasi-crystalline powder composition have a uniform thickness and excellent aesthetic finish. This makes it possible to use this coating not only in industry, but also in architectural and design projects.

The developed composite materials can be used in the pipe industry in the production of anti-corrosion protective coatings for factory-applied steel pipes for use in oil pipelines, main gas pipelines, product pipelines, utility pipelines, etc. and in chemical and special engineering, the automotive industry as protective anti-corrosion coatings of structures. The developed materials have high chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and good adhesion to the metal substrate.

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