Author: Kuznetsova V. A., Kuznetsov G. V., Kondrashov E. K., Semenova L. V., Abuzin J. A., Deev I. S.

Institute: Federal’noe gosudarstvennoe unitarnoe predprijatie “Vserossijskij nauchnoissledovatel’skij institut aviatsionnykh materialov”

The composition for the protective coating is an innovative solution developed using advanced technologies and high–quality materials. This composition is intended for application to various surfaces in order to create a protective layer that ensures maximum durability and safety of the material.

The invention relates to polymer compositions for the production of protective coatings based on epoxy binders, for the protection of structures made of various metals and polymer composite materials. The composition includes: epoxy resin, polyamide hardener, filler – fine quasi-crystalline filler of the Al-Cu-Fe system with a dispersion of less than 10 microns, ultrafine fluoroplastic powder and organic solvent.

It has high hardness, high physical and mechanical properties, adhesion to aluminum alloys, steels and polymer composite materials, moisture resistance, resistance to temperature changes from -60°C to +100°C with a coating thickness of 70-100 microns.

The main advantages for the protective coating are its ease of use and versatility. It can be applied on the surface of a wide variety of materials. Due to the wide range of applications, this compound finds its application in various industries, as well as in construction and repair.

The composition for the protective coating is a reliable and effective solution that allows you to extend the service life and preserve the original appearance of the object. Of course, the choice of this composition guarantees high quality and durability of the protected surfaces.

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