Author: Haoliang Tian, ​​Changliang Wang, Zhang Li, N. O. Iefimov, N. P. Zakharova, V. A. Goncharuk

Institute: Institute of Technology of Arts and Métier, MSMP, HESAM University, F-51006, Chalons-en-Champagne, France; State Key Laboratory of Crystallization, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710072, China;

This article examines the structural-phase state and a number of properties of a quasicrystalline HVAF Al-Cu-Fe coating obtained from water atomized powder. Such coatings have a special structure that is formed in the process of high-speed automated flamethermal spraying (HVAF).

Research shows that the resulting coating has a high degree of uniformity and excellent adhesion to the base material. Analysis of the structure revealed the presence of unique quasicrystalline phases, which makes the coating resistant to abrasion and oxidation.

Due to the special properties of the quasicrystalline structure, the Al-Cu-Fe HVAF coating has high hardness, which contributes to improved resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, a study of the microhardness of the coating showed its high degree of strength and abrasion resistance, especially at high temperatures.

An important aspect of the study is the analysis of the electrochemical properties of the Al-Cu-Fe HVAF coating. It was found that this coating has good corrosion resistance compared to other materials, which makes it attractive for applications where high protection against oxidation and reaction with the external environment is required.

A study was also carried out on the thermal properties of Al-Cu-Fe HVAF coating. It has been shown to have high thermal conductivity and resistance to thermal cycling, making it suitable for operation under high temperature conditions and extreme thermal shocks.

Produced from water atomized powder, the quasicrystalline HVAF Al-Cu-Fe coating has unique properties, including high uniformity and resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage and high temperatures. This makes it a promising material for a variety of engineering and industrial applications that require reliable protection and enhanced performance.

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