Author: V.A. Kuznetsova, I.S. Deev, V.G. Zheleznyak, A.A. Silaeva

Institute: “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials”

The wear-resistant paintwork with a quasi-crystalline filler represents a unique innovation in the field of surface materials. Developed using advanced technology, this coating has unsurpassed strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for everyday use in the most adverse conditions.

The quasi-crystalline filler, which is part of this coating, plays a key role in its unique properties. This exclusive material has an irregular repeating pattern, which gives the coating an unusual and attractive exterior finish. At the same time, the quasi-crystalline filler provides improved resistance to scratches, abrasive wear and damage, making the coating durable and resistant to external influences.

In addition, the wear-resistant paintwork with a quasi-crystalline filler has high resistance to chemicals, acids and solvents. This distinguishes it from other coatings on the market and makes it indispensable in areas that require constant contact with aggressive environments, such as industrial plants, laboratories, automotive services and others.

Due to its unique formula, this coating provides fast and easy application to various surfaces: metal, wood, plastic and even glass. Due to its versatility and ease of use, it finds applications in various fields, from construction and industry to art and decorative design.

A wear-resistant paint coating with a quasi-crystalline filler is an advanced achievement in the field of surface materials. Its unique properties such as strength, resistance to damage and chemicals, as well as simplicity and versatility of application, make it an ideal choice for a wide range of tasks and applications.

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